Improved Infrastructure and Increased Funding

More money is being spent on infrastructure since Timm joined the city council. Funding was increased for trimming trees, fixing roads and infrastructure such as historic Euclid Avenue and Foothill. Carol procured 5.3 million worth of improvements in District 4 for 2018-19 fulfilling another campaign promise.

On the schedule for summer 2018 in District 4 are the full rehab of streets, historic curbs and infrastructure improvements for Third Avenue from A Street to 11th… 9th Street, from 3rd Avenue to Campus Avenue, and Campus Avenue from 7th Street to Foothill Boulevard in 2019. The bike path will receive $100,000 for improvements to slurry and stripe the whole bike path and will get signalization on Euclid to make it safer. Carol started, “Friends of the Bike Path,” to change and improve our path through the southern half of the city. In addition the city has also gotten a grant to plant 67 trees along the path and will get signalization on Euclid to make it safer. I helped start

Carol says we’ve got challenges ahead of us but the progress made these past years are evident everywhere you look. Walk up beautiful Euclid Avenue and you will see just how far Upland has come. The trees look better than they have in years, thanks to an aggressive on-going street maintenance and trimming program. We have also repaved historic Euclid Avenue this past summer which included parts of Foothill Boulevard in District 4.

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  1. Cynthia November 5, 2018 at 9:22 pm -

    Please Trim the trees going down 9th Street & campus I love your improvements so far you can count my vote this year for Carol! VOTE TIMM !!

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