Police Sub Station Brought to Downtown

Police Sub Station Brought to Downtown
by Carol Timm

A new Upland Police Sub-station will be coming here to Historic Downtown Upland.  The process started when my “Say No to Panhandlers committee” and the work we did with the police helped businesses protect their customers against aggressive panhandling.

I went to each business in historic downtown to promote Business Watch and heard about their trouble with vagrants, panhandling, stealing, rocks being thrown threw windows and some residents afraid to be in the downtown due to crime and graffiti.  I knew I had to think of a solution. I thought, let’s bring the police back to the downtown!

I talked to our police chief and city manager and suggested the police have a sub station in the downtown.  They agreed so we searched for a vacant place where this could happen. We found a small affordable location.

The last time the police were in the downtown was in 1908, at the turn of the 20th century. They were located on 2nd Avenue where the tattoo parlor is today. The sheriff at the time was Jed Sawyer.  He was called the one armed sheriff.

So finally in 2018, the police will be downtown day and night, ready to interface with the public, or talk about your issues while they fill out their forms,. This will provide extra police presence right in the downtown and be accessible to the local community.

New Businesses considering coming into the downtown would welcome a presence as well. Now the officers can interact with people in the area. You can expect to see our police here  sometime in July.

Welcome Upland PD to historic downtown Upland!

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