Are we selling off a part of Memorial Park and is it legal?

Memorial Park has had the reputation of being a drug infested, homeless haven in the past five years. Last year the council asked the police to close the park and get it cleaned up for the safety of our children and the neighborhood. And they did.
We worked on restoring the Rose Garden and spent the last year with a citizen/staff committee getting ideas on how to improve the park. Many attended these sessions and gave input. Some of the ideas were to improve and move the tot lot to the front of the park and put up- to- date play equipment and fun fountains for kids, a large pavilion for concerts, more recreation, walking paths and others. On council request, the park was closed for two months and the park cleaned and trimmed and its reputation is much improved.
San Antonio Hospital approached the city and asked to buy 4 acres and put in a parking structure with reciprocal parking for everyone at Memorial Park at the Ball field on San Bernardino Road and give the city $4.2 MILLION DOLLARS. So the committee thought we would never want to loose a ball field and it could be in the main area of the park. Then, we could take out parking spaces and roads and make it open space with trees and plants and wonderful sports, upgraded children’s area and recreational facilities. How often could we get 4.2 million dollars to fix up our park? Many were so excited over the possibility of having our park the best one in town!
The attorney gave the council legitimate law that stated it was not illegal to sell a small portion, especially with reciprocal usage. A few people protested and now it is in court. In November we will be able to see the results of this lawsuit.