Carol Timm


Learn why Carol is running for re-election, her financial accomplishments and her activities during her first term.


It’s been over three and a half years since I was elected to the Upland City Council. In that time the council and I have accomplished much in taking the city forward from what seemed to be a downward economic spiral. It would have been impossible to advance economically if the council had not restored financial stability to city government—a job many thought impossible.

Our General Fund—at one point in time– was well below one million dollars. Currently in 2018, it is over fifteen million dollars. Our CALPERS liability was lowered with our switching out of CALPERS medical and putting aside 5 million dollars to cover our CALPERS and OBEP liability. We’ve reorganized staff and management positions, created new revenue streams by renting out our underused city assets, and begun converting the Metrolink lot to paid parking—cumulatively saving or generating hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

This year an outside auditor wrote, “The city of Upland is showing signs that the city has been able to cut costs and operate more efficiently, positive signs Upland’s economy is improving. The city has adopted a balanced operation budget for this fiscal year and controls are in place to keep spending at those budgeted amounts. The council made very good decisions this year to save money with the Fire Annexation with savings of 3.3 million already this year.” This will save the city five million dollars per year in the future.

As a councilperson, I approved an energy conservation program that will create a bottom-line savings of three million dollars over the life of the project, improving our energy savings. Energy sustainability is all about meeting present energy demands responsibly while ensuring future generations have the capacity they will need to carry on. While energy efficiency helps to save at home and at the gas pumps, it also helps the city save on a larger scale, thereby saving the taxpayers money.

We’ve got challenges ahead of us but the progress made these past years are evident everywhere you look. Walk up beautiful Euclid Avenue and you will see just how far we have come. The trees look better than they have in years, thanks to an aggressive on-going street maintenance and trimming program we have also repaved historic Euclid Avenue this past summer. Additionally, this program included parts of Foothill Boulevard, which is also in our District.

On the schedule for summer 2018 in District 4 are the full rehab of streets, historic curbs and infrastructure improvements for Third Avenue from A Street to 11th… 9th Street, from 3rd Avenue to Campus Avenue, and Campus Avenue from 7th Street to Foothill Boulevard in 2019. The bike path will receive $100,000 for improvements to slurry and stripe the whole bike path and will get signalization on Euclid to make it safer. I started, “Friends of the Bike Path,” to change and improve our path through the southern half of the city.

As Chair of the Economic Development Committee since 2017, we’ve secured Grants to help improve our Historic Downtown. This gave the incentive to restaurants and retailers owners to hire local residents and restore Historic buildings, bringing in more businesses to the area. Already, this past year seven businesses have taken advantage of this program. Foothill and Euclid is seeing a total revitalization to the former Chick’s shopping center with the coming of Burlington’s, Ross, Raising Cain’s, Starbucks and more. The San Antonio Regional Hospital has expanded adding many new jobs to our city, improving the medical care Upland needs. In addition, the City of Hope is coming to our District to help Upland residents receive the highest quality of care in cancer and cancer research. With my knowledge and experience we will move forward and District 4 will thrive.

We have many challenges ahead. Our first priority is getting out Police Department to higher levels that is imperative for the safety of our city. We are working on training new police officers daily and are working to get to higher levels of policing.

Homelessness and transients is a huge issue that every city is currently struggling with. We have organized the Community Resource Team with Homeless Advocates that work with the Upland Police to house Upland’s homeless. To date, we have housed over a hundred homeless people helping to reduce the homeless count in our city. I sponsored the Homeless Forum in 2016 to address the concerns of the citizens and hosted the Homeless Forum when classes were given to talk about solutions in the city. I started a campaign to encourage people not to give to panhandlers, but rather to donate to the various charities that help the homeless.

Upland needs an educated, experienced council person with a proven track record in the community. Over the past thirty-five years both as a teacher and council person, I have worked diligently with and for our city to improve the quality of life in Upland. It is important to continue that continuity by making wise decisions that advance the entire city as well as improving and restoring our District 4.

I don’t just speak about making change, I work tirelessly towards making positive and effective changes to our city… and with your vote I will continue on this positive and effective path.


The fiscal house was cleaned:

  • Most all positions at the city were trimmed and made more efficient.
  • Our General Fund savings account has gone from ½% to 17 ½% in four years.
  • Council set up Savings for CALPERS AND OPEB LIABILITY-We now have close to six million in savings.
  • Public Safety was determined to take the most money for CALPERS, so the Fire Department was outsourced to save the city 50 million in 10 years. In the first half year alone the city saw savings of over 3 million and it was spent on roads and infrastructure. The city now has 47 less employees to pay toward CALPERs and we still have high quality fire services with San Bernardino County Fire Department.
  • Retirees were asked to go off CALPERS retirement and they chose other programs which were less top heavy and provided the same benefits with less burdens financially for the city to bear. This is called OPEB liability.
  • All new hires after 2014 were required to go to PEPRA, which gives less generous retirement payments for the city to bear.
  • All our budgets were passed and no monies borrowed.
    In 2017-18, our independent auditor said Upland’s Finances were improving.
  • Financial Operational Changes were made to make the budget more efficient
  • Reorganization of staff to have more efficient services.
  • Rental of Police Tow lot and rental of Fire museum gave more money for General Fund
  • Dave Stevens of the Cooper Museum and I are working with County Fire to promote renovation of the 1916 fire engine.
  • Metrolink parking was now being charged as Rancho Cucamonga has done for Metrolink parking and 3 hour parking was enforced to allow more shoppers to park in the downtown.
  • Memorial Park Restoration-Carol was behind help cleaning the vagrants from Memorial Park and stopping the feeding in the park while encouraging them to be fed in churches.
  • Carol was in charge of the Rose Committee that met and brought the Rose Garden back to its beautiful glory in Memorial Park.
  • Library Addition-the Upland Library has gotten two additions to have a Children’s Reading Room and an upcoming area on the east side for a bookstore that will sell books and earn money for the library fund.
  • Animal shelter-The council voted to outsource the animal shelter while keeping the beautiful facilities and the city running the Animal Services portion.
  • Maintenance Work-The City Council approved more maintenance work than has been seen in years to start making Upland look better. Much more is still needed. Our funds come from Measure I and Gas Tax Monies.


    • (Timm sworn on Upland City Council in December 2014)
    • Appointed Chair of the City/School Committee(2015-2016)
    • Member and Chair of the Public Works Committee (2014-2018)
    • Attended the League of California Cites conference for new council members and mayors and other statewide conventions. (2014-2018)
    • Appointed to Upland Housing Authority (January 2015)
    • Suggested we host a City Goals Workshop and Council, staff and citizens participated. (2014)
    • Chair of Economic Development Committee (2017-2018)
    • Hosted Upland Heritage Founders Day and was a character in Upland’s Historic past.(2015)
    • Guest Speaker at the Christian Women’s Club at the Upland Country Club. (Oct. 2015)
    • Speaker at the Upland Chamber of Commerce Leadership Academy on the history of Upland and Economic Development. (2016)
    • Special Guest on Brad Pomerance TV Show ,”Charter Local Addition” discussing “Why I am opposed to Measure U in Upland.”
    • Planned and hosted a “Homeless Forum” with Police Chief and Community Resource Officers talk together about the homeless issues and how to deal within the framework and improve the situation in Upland for the homeless. (April 2016)
    • Appointed to Board of Directors of West Valley Mosquito District.(2016-2018)
    • Hosted the “Homeless Action Summit” where classes were given to discuss what could be done on a variety of topics dealing with the homeless. (October 2016)
    • Participated in Goals Workshop was held to ascertain goals of the council for (2015-16.)
    • Chair of Upland Heritage Founders Day and portrayed a character in Upland’s Historic past. (May 2015)
    • Announced and helped with fundraising with Upland Heritage who was awarding $8,000 to owners of historic homes and buildings for restoration purposes in historic districts. (Dec. 2015)
    • Multiple Ribbon Cuttings and Open Houses for New Businesses in Upland sponsored by Upland Chamber of Commerce. (2015-2018)
    • Chosen to be on a panel at Scripts College forum “Women in Politics”. (Feb. 2016)
    • Attended United States Silver Award ceremony when the award was given to Upland Elementary, Baldy View Elementary and Citrus Elementary for winning the “Healthier U.S. School Challenge.” They were the first in the state. (March,2016)
    • Certificate of Recognition Awarded to Councilwoman Carol Timm and Dave Stevens from Upland Heritage and the City of Upland. (May 2016)
    • Worked with the YMCA on plans for their new swimming pool. (Feb. 2017)
    • Councilwoman Timm and Police Chief Johnson were featured Speakers at the Upland Chamber of Commerce Luncheon speaking on Homelessness in Upland . (July 2016)
    • Helped plan in Public Works Committee “the Healing Grove Memorial” at San Antonio Park which honors the 22 people killed in the San Bernardino terrorist attack. (August 2016)
    • Councilwoman Timm and her committee with legal counsel wrote the rebuttal to Measure U opposing marijuana sales in Upland.(Sept. 2016)
    • Appointed Vice Chair of Upland Housing Authority.(2016)
    • Appointed by council to West Valley Mosquito and Vector Control District (Nov. 2016)
    • Worked on the Memorial Park Committee and the city is seeing a major clean-up, tree trimming new fencing and people are starting to return to Memorial Park.(Feb. 2017-2018)
    • Honored as “Trailblazing Women in Upland.” (April 2017)
    • Chaired the Upland Founders Day History Day sponsored by Upland Heritage. Councilman Robinson and Timm portrayed characters in Uplands Founding history. (May 2017)
    • Mayor Stone and Councilwoman Timm were guests of honor at the City wide School Awards. Three of councilwoman’s former students got awards. (June 2017)
    • Held Coffee With the Council with Council members Timm and Robinson discussing Economic Developments in Upland.(July 2017)
    • Started “Say No to Panhandling” Committee” to address education to the public to say no to panhandlers and give to non profits instead. This is an independent committee
      (August 15, 2017)
    • Attended The League of California Cities Legislative Task Force meeting on August 23rd to discuss the controversial Senate Bill 649 in Ontario. (2017)
    • Tree Committee implemented Carol Timm’s suggestion to choose appropriate trees for Historic Districts. (August 2017)
    • Walked Magnolia District, Historic downtown District and Citrus and Transportation districts to decide the trees that will be used in the next historic district. (2017)
    • As a part of the Memorial Park Committee approved a new and updated version of Memorial Park plans to renovate the park. Plans include walking trails, plans for bathroom placements, lighting, revitalizing the all the sports areas including soccer, basketball, baseball, better equipment for all ages.
    • Held Coffee with the Council with Mayor Stone and me. We discussed various city issues and concerns with residents.(October 2017)
    • Approved and facilitated the relocation of a historic home from 196 Euclid Ave., to be moved to the City owned vacant property at Washington Blvd. & 6th St. (Timm was successful in helping getting this moved and transferred to Habitat for Humanity for Affordable Housing for Upland Residents only.)
    • Headed the Rose Garden Committee and agreed on the placement of the foliage in the area of the rose garden in Memorial Park and the committee chose from the portfolio of the city’s landscape designer. (Nov. 2017)
    • Participated in the Rose Garden Planting with the terrific help of many volunteers like UCCC, Woman’s Club, miscellaneous volunteers, the Upland Council and Upland Public works Staff. (Dec. 2017)
    • Held Coffee with the Council with Mayor Pro Tem Carol Timm and Gino Filippi and held a discussion on the Upland Bike Path. (Feb. 2018)
    • Interviewed by American Planning Magazine for her innovative work with “Say No To Panhandling” Committee. (January 2018)
    • Nominated as “A Woman of Distinction” from the 41st Assembly District. (March 2018)


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