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Get to know more about Carol, what she stands for, and what she’s done,and what she plans to do for Upland!

Mayor Pro Tem Carol Timm is Proud to be in District 4!

Term of Office 2014-2018

Carol Timm moved to Upland with her husband, college professor Dr. Larry Timm, and their three year old daughter, Monique in 1983. Since she moved here 35 years ago, she has been tirelessly working in District 4 to make the quality of life in her neighborhood and city better. She said,” When I first moved in, there were many gang shootings and the area was very unsafe.” She started a Neighborhood Watch and diligently went door to door with her neighbors to improve safety. She and several others started Upland Heritage to save historic homes from destruction. After much steadfast work, the area improved and they worked to form historic districts, get the zoning changed, and obtain the Mills Act for homes to reduce taxes and put facelifts on the neighborhood. Thanks to her tireless efforts , nine historic districts were put on the register and Euclid Avenue was put on the National Register She worked hard for 24 years as their president and CEO giving out hundreds of thousands in grants to improve Upland’s original heritage in its beautiful homes and neighborhoods in District 4.

Since moving to Upland over 35 years ago, Carol has been active serving as a teacher in the Upland community.  She has worked as a teacher for over 30 years and has three teaching credentials. Her great passion was educating the youth and making a difference in their lives. She has won numerous awards as a teacher, including “Teacher of the Year,” and is known for being a dedicated community leader.  Carol was featured in the Inland Empire Magazine as “Woman Who Makes a Difference.”

Carol saw a need to get involved in her city and was chosen to join the Upland Planning Commission which she tirelessly served on for 16 years from 1998-2014 and was Chair and Vice-chair of the Planning Commission. As Chair she approved the Colonies Crossroads which has saved the city financially. During this time she also helped design the buildings on 2nd and 9th, and helped design even two gas stations to look historic. At the same time, she was on the Historic Commission and Airport Land Use Committee along with serving as a member of the Community Block Grants Committee.  Carol also spearheaded saving a very large concrete packing house Sunkist Sign in 2014 that was slated to be demolished. The story was featured on NBC News. She had less than a week to gather all the engineers, cranes and workers to save the sign. The sign has been stored at the Cable Airport and now it is slated to go next to District 4 Sunkist Packing House as a historical feature for their new housing development and Packing House in the Citrus and Transportation District, located on A Street in Upland.

Council member Timm was elected to the Upland City Council in December 2014.  She became Mayor Pro Tem of Upland in January 2018. As a Council member, she is Chair for the City/School Committee, Public Works Committee, and Economic Development Committee. She is also a board member of the Inland Valley Mosquito Vector District and a member of the Upland Police Foundation, former Vice President of the Upland Fire Foundation and Vice-Chair of the Upland Housing Authority. She actively serves on the Homeless Restoration Team of planners and she has sponsored a Homeless Forum and a Homeless Summit to educate the public on the issue of homelessness and work on solutions to solve the homelessness issue. In the last two years the homeless count has gone from 164 in 2016 to 94 in 2018. The group has been housing the homeless in Upland. Many new developments are coming to our districts that will improve the quality of life like the City of Hope by the hospital to help cancer patients in Upland.

Carol started a “Say No to Panhandling” independent Committee last year, and the group has been active with education to the public and businesses promoting not give to panhandling but give to non profits that help the homeless. They were so successful with this innovative group that she was interviewed by the American Planning Association Magazine where Jake Blumgart, who is writing an article for their magazine about Timm’s Group, and her creative way to meet this problem. The magazine related it to her extensive planning experience. She also had an article in the Daily Bulletin and was approached by Channel 5 News with questions.

Carol says,” I am proud to live 35 years in District 4. My husband and I chose this area because of the beauty of the historic homes but also the rich diversity and down to earth people that live in our area. It is time we stand up and say we are proud to be in the original part of Upland, where the history of Upland began over 120 years ago. I believe we are on the cusp of our downtown thriving, along with our whole city. I have been working to get economic development to come into our city as the Chair and we are seeing notable results. I want to be able to continue to improve our economy, reduce blight in our area, improve our streets, sidewalks and trees, bring in more jobs and keep our budget balanced seeing our General Fund increasing as it has in the past 4 years from below a million to now over 15 million.

The people have said, “Carol Timm is the common sense candidate with intelligence, skill and plain old fashion know how.” Carol has a proven track record of doing what she says and helping people because she has a love of our people, our area and our city. You’ll get a lot more with Timm running District 4!

Carol can be contacted at caroltimmuplandcitycouncil@gmail.
Carol Timm, Upland City Council – Mayor Pro Tem