Economic Development Goals in Upland

Economic Development has always been a priority as a council person. We began the Economic Development Committee which has been a goal of mine since I started on the council. That is why I was thrilled that this committee was established as a separate entity and I have served as the chair since it began in 2017.
As a part of my recommendation, the city hired a new Economic Development Team called JLL working to get new developments to six key areas in the city. JLL are economic developers and have been employed by Upland to help get in viable economic development in Upland. I am very excited because this is the same group that successfully developed the new part of Claremont. They have successfully assisted the new development called Sycamore Hills off the 210 and Baseline. We helped get the 30,000 square foot Whole Foods 365 and told us there are only three sites in the whole US that are being built this year. They have gotten many accolades for this in 15 magazines. Other business there are Starbuck, CVS, MOD Pizza, a men’s salon called Hammer and Nails, and Orange Theory Fixtures and more.
Since I began in 2017 there has been a 60% increase in commercial building in the City of Upland. It is my goal to continue this trend in order to get great quality development to serve the citizens and tax revenue to pay for more improvements to our infrastructure.
There are six current sights that I would like to see developed in the future.
The Bongiovanni Property Site is located off of Foothill and north of Central. This is a 50 Acre site. The committee and city are encouraging clean-up of this area of Foothill. We are working with the owners to possibly lease the site for 99 years and bring in a logistics operation. They said that logistics operations can bring in more tax money than even the colonies. It is my goal to continue to oversee this project which would be a great asset to the city.
UVP/Trask Site is located on 11th Street This site is also a prime area to be developed. Trask has been in default with this land and JLL are currently working on this. Proper development of this land is an important goal.
Upland Village Center- This is located on Foothill and almost to Euclid. We are looking totally revamping this center that has sat underutilized for some time.
They are working with the developer and they have signed on Burlington Coat Factory and Ross. Other stores are Raising Caine, Mod Pizza , maybe 1808 Men’s Solon, and Starbucks Coffee .The 99cent store will stay and get a face lift and add 30,000 square feet.
Next we had a discussion about the Packing Houses in our Downtown. I met with the Swartz Brothers that own the packing house on A Street and 6th Ave and 4th Street in the Citrus and Transportation district called ATI. They have sent in their rendition to planning on the higher end apartments design which have been approved. My concern I had was that the apartments would be built and not the packing house developed. We are working on a plan for this.
Put in the plans to bring in the historic Sunkist Sign I personally help save that currently is being stored at Cable Airport.
My goal is that the packing houses be used as grocery stores, restaurants, vendors, etc. They have looked at designs of other packing houses in Orange County as well.
There are also some lands below the railroad tracks called the Kimble site that Arrow Developer has bought. This land is located on 3rd Ave/close to 8th street and Sultana Ave. Next to the Lyons project with 209 condos that is almost fully built out. I had talked to the previous owner Mr. Kimble who had a full rendition that showed some ideas for his land. These were given to the new developers. My goal is if Kimble will sell, to develop this land with mixed use.
The next part which we are working on is bordered from Euclid to the west, 8th Street to the south. We are looking for viable further development in this area. A parking lot is greatly needed for this neighborhood. The current Baker packing house used for recreation and other usages.
Historic Downtown Upland-So far I have approved new monies going into the downtown to encourage economic opportunities including CDBG funds to improve facades of historic buildings and $50,000 refundable loans for improvements to businesses if they hire jobs for affordable income positions for two years.
My goals for a new economic development is to
* Identify new market opportunities
* Find new uses for historic commercial buildings
* Stimulate investment in property
* Strengthen existing businesses and recruit new ones
* Build a highly effective and efficient Economic Development committee.

Rehabilitate Historic Downtown Upland

It is a goal and passion of mine to see quality development in our historic downtown. I have worked so diligently to form the 9 historic districts and believe we can make an amazing difference in our beautiful historic downtown. So far, since I have been on the council, I have approved new monies going into the downtown to encourage economic opportunities including CDBG funds to improve facades of historic buildings and $50,000 refundable loans for improvements to businesses if they hire jobs for affordable income positions for two years. So far, seven businesses have taken advantage of these special federal grants and loans. More have been approved for next year!
My goals for the downtown are to preserve Upland’s special sense of place by insisting on high
standards of architecture, urban design and landscaping so that new development complements the eclectic architecture and historic richness of our Downtown.

We now have, thanks to the Economic Development Committee, a brochure for the downtown showing a map of the downtown and buildings available for sale or lease and their zoned usage. It is my goal to see a variety of usages in our downtown and empty buildings being utilized for quality development.

Another goal is to get our great assets of our historic packing houses utilized for shopper friendly restaurants, boutiques, possible grocery stores, even consider a movie theater. The public has presented me with many great ideas. The job and goal is to find buyers interested in investing in creative ideas that will be highly utilized by the neighborhood and sought out by neighboring communities to shop and enjoy.

Other goals are to improve the parking in the downtown by improving of the parking lots and looking into parking garages on the south side of the tracks to provide more parking for Metrolink and shoppers. Other ideas are to put parallel parking on 1st and 3rd Avenues to provide more spaces in those areas.