Yes, it is a tall order to help fix all these things. All it takes is a lot of money. Upland receives its monies for roads from Gas Tax Money and Measure I. The Public Works Department has been amazing about saving these monies, applying for grants and utilizing their money carefully. But, with the amount of roads and age of the infrastructure, Upland has gotten behind on many projects in the past. The city has done a large amount of infrastructure improvements this past year due to saving the money over several years, but the amount and scope of money needed is about 8 million per year over what we currently get. The city usually receives about 3 million a year and therefore many needed projects get left behind. My goal is to work on a ½ cent-1 cent sales tax in our city that would be voted on by our citizens. Taxes are never popular, especially in Upland, but according to the amount, it would bring in an extra 8 million dollars to the city.
Everyone in the community helps to pay for the projects, not just the property owners. Visitors and non-residents who shop in Upland would also help pay for our facilities. Many visitors and non-residents use our facilities, so this is one way for them to help pay for them.
The residents would have to weigh in and vote for this if the council decides to approve it. In the past there was a survey done to ascertain its popularity and so far residents have not wanted to consider it. But, the tide is changing and I believe we may put something like this on the ballot in the future to help our city like other cities have done.


I have lived in my home in District 4 and have seen how many of our streets are really in need of a total make over, being the oldest part of our city.

As an advocate to improve our area, and chair of the Public Works committee, I am happy to announce many roads, rock curbs, water infrastructure and alley improvements are happening in District 4 from October 2018-2019. It has taken years to save for the millions being spent in District 4 on these total renovations, especially the streets. Because of the age of the roads, all of the streets listed will be totally redone from the restoration of the historic rock curbs, all new water infrastructure and brand new roads all of which is very costly. Each complete water and road project is running 2 to 3 million each. I wish we could afford to do every street and alley! The 36 alleys listed and the entire bike path will get newly paved. The bike path is currently getting crossing, striping and lights to make it a safer place to cross on Euclid. Downtown will get a brand new parking lot on 1st Avenue behind 2nd Avenue and re-striping on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Avenues. We are working toward positive changes in our neighborhood!

I will continue to look and work on grants and ways to further improve our district and moving Upland Forward!
Click here to download or view a .pdf of all streets and alleys that will be improved.