Rehabilitate Historic Downtown Upland

Rehabilitate Historic Downtown Upland

It is a goal and passion of mine to see quality development in our historic downtown. I have worked so diligently to form the 9 historic districts and believe we can make an amazing difference in our beautiful historic downtown. So far, since I have been on the council, I have approved new monies going into the downtown to encourage economic opportunities including CDBG funds to improve facades of historic buildings and $50,000 refundable loans for improvements to businesses if they hire jobs for affordable income positions for two years. So far, seven businesses have taken advantage of these special federal grants and loans. More have been approved for next year!

My goals for the downtown are to preserve Upland’s special sense of place by insisting on high
standards of architecture, urban design and landscaping so that new development complements the eclectic architecture and historic richness of our Downtown.

We now have, thanks to the Economic Development Committee, a brochure for the downtown showing a map of the downtown and buildings available for sale or lease and their zoned usage. It is my goal to see a variety of usages in our downtown and empty buildings being utilized for quality development.

Another goal is to get our great assets of our historic packing houses utilized for shopper friendly restaurants, boutiques, possible grocery stores, even consider a movie theater. The public has presented me with many great ideas. The job and goal is to find buyers interested in investing in creative ideas that will be highly utilized by the neighborhood and sought out by neighboring communities to shop and enjoy.

Other goals are to improve the parking in the downtown by improving of the parking lots and looking into parking garages on the south side of the tracks to provide more parking for Metrolink and shoppers. Other ideas are to put parallel parking on 1st and 3rd Avenues to provide more spaces in those areas.