Upland’s Historic Districts and Historic Preservation

Upland’s Historic Districts and Historic Preservation
Historic Preservation has always been a passion for me when we moved to Upland into our 1902 home. In 1989, Dave Stevens was canvassing the neighborhood with his daughter and I quickly joined the group to help form a preservation group that would help stop the demolition of historic structures and form Upland Heritage.

After becoming President and CEO of Upland Heritage for many years I helped in fund raising, conducting historic survey of Upland’s historic sites and educating the public about historic preservation and its advantages. As Upland Heritage president, we gave out over $100,000 in matching grants for homeowners and businesses to fix their historic structures and improve neighborhoods.

After attending many City Council meetings, I became interested in land use and was asked to join the Planning Commission and we worked to save historic structures in our city and encourage preservation as well. I worked to put Euclid Avenue on the National Register of Historic Places in 2002.

Through the grass roots efforts of Upland Heritage and myself as president, I led workshops and presented facts about historic districts to the community. We had to get a percentage of the district to be in favor of the nomination for this to occur. It took two years and a long series of workshops and free dinners sponsored by Upland Heritage in each district, but we met the criteria and in 2003 the City Council officially declared the nine historic districts. Over 590 homes were listed on the historic register in Upland. After that, we helped craft the ordinances and the City Council approved them that year.

Since that time, I have worked to upgrade the ordinance which was re-crafted in 2015 when the new General Plan was approved during her time on the City Council. Also, a house on Euclid was saved and was given a home on 5th and Washington to be used by Habitat for Humanity. Instead of tearing it down, it will be used by a family in need.

I believe that preservation is not just about protecting the beautiful structures, but saving important places where events occurred in Upland that shaped our past while preserving their future and history for generations to come.

My goal is to continue this process looking to preserve the past, and look forward to the future with economic vitality.